Kaitlyn O'Connell grew up in California’s San Fransisco Bay Area. As the youngest of seven children, she holds a household reputation of being the most goofy and most mischievous member of the family. With all of the chaos that comes along with a large household, there was one thing that always brought the O’Connell’s together: the television set. Her passion for film and TV developed during those early days of watching Wizard of Oz and Full House.


Kaitlyn’s parts in elementary school plays turned into lead roles in high school shows. Her early passion for entertainment inspired her to continue her studies at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, where she received her Associate of Arts Degree. After graduating, Kaitlyn continued her training at the Marjorie Ballentine Studio, LA’s New American Theater, and her local community college. 


During 2020, Kaitlyn discovered her passion for creating original content and entertainment concepts. While co-writing a feature-length screenplay, and starting development on a second, Kaitlyn finds time to create original content on Tik Tok. In just a few months, and a few viral Tik Tok’s later, Kaitlyn has garnered over 700k likes and grown her page to over 12k followers. 


Kaitlyn continues to grow as a passionate storyteller, and enjoys sharing her entertaining and unique perspective.

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